Boldizsár's programming blog


You've just made it to the About section of my blog and now you want to know some facts about me.

My name is Boldizsár Tömpe and I'm a JavaScript developer. I specialise in NodeJS and React. I'm also working with Docker, MySQL and Redis. In my free time I do calisthenics as I try to keep my body in shape after sitting in front of the computer for hours. I also like to cook when I have the time.

I started blogging for 2 reasons. First to write about interesting stuff I learn and this way I hope I can deepen my knowledge about the topics I write about. Secondly, I hope my articles will be found helpful and beneficial to some of you.

A small bio of myself

I graduated as a Computer Software Engineer from Budapest University of Technology and Economics with a highest honour degree in February 2018. During my studies I did two summer internships, one with Morgan Stanley in Budapest, the other with American Express in Burgess Hill, UK. Back then I was mainly focused on mobile technologies and for my final project I built an Android and iOS app (native) using Firebase for backend and DB. During the last semester I was offered a job as an iOS dev because I did great on my exams. After graduation I started working as well as my master’s studies. As months passed, I realised that I didn't want to get stuck in the mobile dev environment and in one of my subjects I was getting to know Docker and Kubernetes which I really liked. So, I asked my teacher (who was the boss of the company) if I could change positions and do something on the backend side. This is how I started working with backend and devops technologies professionally. In July my contract with this company ended and I moved to London. I am now working for a start-up as a fullstack developer.